All new aerial installations come with a HUGE 3 YEAR guarantee!
If for any reason your aerial should stop working, then we will be there to repair or replace it FOR FREE!

An Aerial is installed to receive terrestrial channels which are needed for FREEVIEW which is built in to most modern Television and set top boxes.

  • Aerial Installation
    BRAND NEW Aerial Installed on chimney, exterior wall or loft which will be cabled to 1 or more rooms using standard or high gain aerial and amplifier (if required). 3 Years guarantee included.
  • Aerial Repair
    An existing aerial installation can usually be repaired by replacing any faulty parts and can normally be done for a small set fee which can be quoted before the work is carried out. (No Obligation)
  • Extensions / Added Points
    An existing aerial can usually have extra points (rooms) added easily although in some cases an amplifier may be necessary.
  • Diagnostic or Fault Finding
    In most cases fault finding will be charged at an hourly rate although can usually be found fairly quickly followed by a quote for any repair work needed to be carried out.